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Sula Art Gallery, Guernsey, Channel Islands. KIOSK 1 Jeni Snell - new digital painting and sculpture. Throughout August 2023.


The National Trust’s Art Gallery at the Folk & Costume Museum, Guernsey, Channel Islands. KIOSK 2 Jeni Snell – new paintings and sculpture. PV 5-7pm Monday 9th October. Exhibition runs until 29 October 2023. Opening times: 10am – 5pm, seven days a week.

Untitled-1 copy.jpg
Small paintings on canvas board 25 x 30 cm feature bunkers floating adrift amidst a fantasy seaside iconography of stripes and ice-creams/ lollies. The unlikely pairing of an over-sized kitsch ornament or a plastic model ice-lolly placed casually upon a redundant fortification playfully emphasises the futility of war and the often absurdity of WW11 camouflage techniques whilst undermining general oppression and control mechanisms through the use of analogy and metaphor.
Brutalist Ice-cream and Projectile sculptures - Paying homage to Guernsey’s German Occupation heritage, Jeni often works with cast-concrete methodology to create her sculptures, such as in her new series of ‘Brutalist ice-creams’. Adopting the make-do-and-mend creative resourcefulness of Channel-Islanders under German Occupation, Jeni combines found discarded objects collected from her daily walks in the city with her made objects. Re-purposing has developed from her life-choices into her arts practice and is also a comment against human greed and our throw-away society.

And a series of digital drawings and paintings for limited edition signed giclée prints.


BUNCH, Hotel Michele gallery, 231 Northdown Rd, Margate, CT92PJ until 18 December 2022. BUNCH is a collaboration between kavel Rafferty at Hotel Michele and Liminal Gallery. Featuring drawing, collage, painting, print and sculpture by eight women and non-binary artists, including Liz Crossfield, Mafalda Figueriedo, Cherelle Sappleton, Tracey Slater, Jeni Snell, Alexis Soul-Gray and Olivia Strange.

QUEER ART(ISTS) NOW 22, Space Station Sixty-five, London, 16 Sept - 8 Oct, 2022.

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